Shield Yourself From Harmful Bacteria

Shield Yourself From Harmful Bacteria

Shop premium HALOmasks in Spring Lake, NJ today

Many local businesses require patrons to wear some type of face covering while in their store, so make sure you have a facemask that will keep you protected.

Flaherty's Healthy Home Store in Spring Lake, NJ carries HaloLife facemasks that have been strategically designed to protect against airborne viruses, like COVID-19. Using patented technology and materials, HALOmasks are not only effective but also stylish.

Visit us today to shop our selection of HaloLife facemasks.

Why choose HALOmasks?

Not all face covers help to protect you and those around you from airborne pathogens, especially those without thick material or filters built in. Don't risk your health with a subpar facemask. Shield your mouth and nose with high-quality HALOmasks.

HALOmasks are made with:

  • Flexible nosebands that shape to your nose to prevent your glasses from fogging.
  • Replaceable HALO Nanofilters to catch microscopic germs and bacteria.
  • Anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking bamboo material to keep the fabric clean.
  • Adjustable ear loops to ensure a perfect fit around your mouth and nose.
  • Ultra-breathable fabrics in stylish and colorful prints for everyone.

Enjoy a little extra peace of mind when you cover up with HALOmasks.