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Find EPA-approved home care products in Spring Lake, NJ

Keeping your home or business clean is now more important than ever, but don't rely on cleaning products full of bleach, alcohol and ammonia. Give your home the deep-clean it deserves with non-toxic home care products from Flaherty's Healthy Home Store in Spring Lake, NJ. We carry a large selection of safe and effective disinfectants that will eliminate germs and protect your home long-term.

Cleaning solutions that last

Not all cleaning products work the same. When you need safe but effective disinfectants or cleaning solutions, turn to Flaherty's Healthy Home Store. Our home care products and dehumidifiers are proven to:

Kill 99.9% of surface germs in just one day.

Act as a shield against germs for up to 30 days.

Work harder and faster than store-bought cleaners.

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A clean home is a happy home

Have you been using the same home care products for decades? Chances are, the cleaning chemicals in your cabinet aren't all that safe to use. The EPA only requires manufacturers to list potentially harmful ingredients on their packaging, leaving off chemicals that are lesser-known or untested.

Make the switch to non-toxic cleaning products and protect your family from germs, bacteria and harsh chemicals. Visit Flaherty's Healthy Home Store in Spring Lake, NJ to pick up safe home care products today.